#11 / On Who Writes Blockchain, Building Communities, Napster, Lessons to Unlearn and more.

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Marc Andreessen

Who Writes the Rules of a Blockchain?

"How valuable is the right to vote on the rules that govern a cryptocurrency? With intense focus on the price of cryptocurrencies, another asset — governance tokens — offers investors more than just the possibility of monetary returns: it let’s them help write the rules of particular blockchain. In the absence of a central governing body, decisions about blockchains are left to their users. But not just any users. Early adopters using a new DeFi service can buy (or earn) governance tokens, which provide the holder with the right to vote on how the blockchain is maintained, upgraded and managed. One token, one vote. These tokens often do have monetary value, but the ability to shape the future of a blockchain as these systems become more integrated into daily business is it’s own substantial asset." Read more

Tech Crunch

Startup leaders need to learn how to build companies ready for crisis

“It’s been a tough year for business. From ransomware attacks and power outages to cloud downtime and supply-chain disruptions, it’s never been more important to communicate to customers and stakeholders about what’s going wrong and why. Yet, with partial data and misinformation often spreading faster than official word, it’s also never been harder to deliver accurate and timely messages.”

Read here


Napster paved the way for our streaming-reliant music industry

How Napster changed the way music is distributed and paved a way for the streaming services that are available now. A very interesting read. Read more

Paul Graham

The Lesson to Unlearn

“The most damaging thing you learned in school wasn't something you learned in any specific class. It was learning to get good grades. ” Read more

Things I Learned this Week

Room for error is underappreciated and misunderstood.

It’s usually viewed as a conservative hedge, used by those who don’t want to take much risk. But when used appropriately it’s the opposite. Room for error lets you stick around long enough to let the odds of benefiting from a low-probability outcome fall in your favour. Since the biggest gains occur the most infrequently – either because they don’t happen often or because they take time to compound – the person with enough room for error in part of their strategy to let them endure hardship in the other part of their strategy has an edge over the person who gets wiped out, game over, insert more tokens, at the first hiccup.

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