#12 / On How Learning Happens, Writing Lessons, Micro Levers and more

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Read, Listen, Watch

David Perell

How Learning Happens

"Inspiration is the keystone of learning. It’s the engine behind a student’s motivation and the glue that makes ideas stick. But because our school system undervalues the necessity of inspiration, students don’t learn as much as they could." Read more

Lincoln Michel

Everything I’ve learned about being a writer

“Last week there was a bizarrely contentious Twitter debate about whether MFA programs should offer professional advice to students or whether it should be a sacred space for art without the messiness of business. ”

Read here

Angela Jiang

Micro Levers

A lever is something that makes it easier for you to do something difficult. Having the proper leverage can drastically change outcomes. In mechanics, properly applied leverage means we are able to move large amounts of mass. In finance, the proper application of leverage means we could increase our returns. In negotiations, having leverage means we are better able to get what we want. Levers are valuable but acquiring them can be difficult. Read more

Paul Graham

Keep your Identity Small

Solves the question of: What causes ordinarily rational people to lose their grasp on rationality? Read more

Things I Learned this Week

You can attract luck with choices today that will still make sense in a decade. — Being trustworthy— Ensuring your counter-parties always win— Being kind when you could be clever

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