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📚 Something to Read:

On Startup:

First Round Review

12 Frameworks for Finding Startup Ideas — Advice for Future Founders

“The scene is often romanticized in magazine profiles of successful founders: the keen observation jotted down in a notebook. The serendipitous conversation that clicks the puzzle pieces into place. The idea is where everything begins — at least, that’s what we’re led to believe.”

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On Writing:


How James Clear is Writing His Next Book

“James Clear is in the creative muck on his next book. It’s currently a 600 page Google Doc—and he’s trying to compress that down into chapters, sections, and sentences. It’s a big task, but he seems more or less undaunted."

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📹 Something to Watch:

Justin Kan

Shitty First Startups

Justin Kan talks about his first startup experience. It was a really inspiring video.

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🎧 Something to Listen:

Lex Fridman

#162 – Jim Keller: The Future of Computing, AI, Life, and Consciousness

Jim Keller is a legendary microprocessor engineer, previously at AMD, Apple, Tesla, Intel, and now Tenstorrent.

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Things I Learned this Week

Sometimes I think we choose the things we spend our time doing just because of the difficulty and pain they cause us. A positive way of looking at this might be to say we like to “test ourselves,” while a more cynical view might hold that we are all, to some extent, magnificent self-torturers.

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