#15 / On Finding Product-Market-Fit, Writing, Trolley Problem and more

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📚 Something to Read:

On Startup:

First Round Review

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

“For founders, achieving product/market fit is an obsession from day one. It’s both the hefty hurdle we’re racing to clear and the festering fear keeping us up at night, worried that we’ll never make it. But when it comes to understanding what product/market fit really is and how to get there, most of us quickly realize that there isn’t a battle-tested approach.”

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On Writing:

Counter Craft

Everything I've Learned about Being a "Professional" Writer in One Post

“Last week there was a bizarrely contentious Twitter debate about whether MFA programs should offer professional advice to students or whether it should be a sacred space for art without the messiness of business. I won’t wade into all the threads, but I’m firmly on the side of publishing demystification."

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📹 Something to Watch:

Answer in Progress

I taught an AI to solve the trolley problem

Can you teach a machine to be a good person? In this video, Sabrina explores the world of AI ethics and tries to teach a machine to solve the trolley problem. It doesn't go well.

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🎧 Something to Listen:


The Beginning of Infinity

“Despite all the complaining about how productivity growth is stagnant, the reality is, anyone who owns a smartphone or drives a car or even lives in a house has seen technology improve their quality of life over and over again. We take this progress for granted, and it’s thanks to science.

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Things I Learned this Week

Tips to read more:

  1. Don’t over achieve. Start low: 1 page/day minimum.

  2. Read before internet dopamine fix.

  3. Habit bunching, read with your morning coffee.

  4. Try audiobooks. (Even while working out... habit bunching).

  5. Change your attitude, self identify as a reader..

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