#6 / On How Should We Read, Unsolicited Advice, Writer Habits, and more.

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Will Self

Will Self: How Should We Read?

"Out of boredom we call forth invention, and there’s nothing more inventive than reading, save possibly for writing." Read more

Maria Popova

Famous Writers’ Sleep Habits vs. Literary Productivity, Visualized

"One important caveat is that there is an enormous degree of subjectivity in assessing a literary — or any creative — career, but since all information visualization is an exercise in subjective editorial judgment rather than a record of Objective Truth, we settled on a set of quantifiable criteria to measure “productivity”: number of published works and major awards received. " Read more

Blake Masters

Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 1 Notes Essay

Most of what was written in Peter Thiel's book was written from the lectures he gave in Stanford. This is the brief notes of one of the students who attended that class and wrote the book Zero to One with Peter Thiel. Read more

Kevin Kelly

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

In this article by Kevin Kelly, founder of WIRED and author of one of the most important articles for creators (1000 True Fans), shares 68 bits of unsolicited advice that ranges from creation and finance all the way to consistency, writing, and improvement. Read more

Things I Learned this Week

"Sometimes I think we choose the things we spend our time doing just because of the difficulty and pain they cause us. A positive way of looking at this might be to say we like to “test ourselves,” while a more cynical view might hold that we are all, to some extent, magnificent self-torturers."

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