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Samyak Ramteke

Jeff Bezos on How To Make Better Life-Decisions

How Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made one of the toughest decisions of his career. His way of approaching this truly tough call can help anyone make life-altering decisions. Read more

Sam Altman

The days are long but the decades are short

"Minimize your own cognitive load from distracting things that don’t really matter. It’s hard to overstate how important this is, and how bad most people are at it. Get rid of distractions in your life. Develop very strong ways to avoid letting crap you don’t like doing pile up and take your mental cycles, especially in your work life." Read more

David Perell

Learn to Write Fast

“At most, writing fast will vastly increase your earnings power because writing well is thinking well, and people who write fast, think fast. At the very least, by forcing you to build a note-taking system and structure your ideas by talking, tight deadlines will make your process more efficient.” Read more

Creator Lab

Building a digital media empire & growth playbook

Alex shares his experiences in the early days of The Morning Brew (where he used to go to classrooms and ask for students' emails), his thoughts on building an audience and content creation, and just dropping knowledge bombs about newsletters.

You don't want to miss this one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think about audiences as a three-step funnel. The first step is the rented audience (the audience you acquire in "rented" spaces, such as Twitter or Instagram), the second step is your owned audience, and the final step is the monetized audience.

  • Platforms are the place where it is the easiest to build an audience if you are creating great content around great ideas, as they are built to increase the shareability and discoverability of content.

  • Content creation is all about momentum. Think about your creative output as if it was a muscle: you have to constantly train it or else you will have a hard time thinking about good content. That's why, if you want to create content, you shouldn't stop doing it for long periods of time.

  • The act of content creation is a marathon, not a sprint.

Julian Shapiro

Writing Well

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing Quality = Novelty x Resonance. Novelty is new information that is significant and not easily intuited. Resonance is how you help ideas take root in readers' minds.

  • If people cannot write well, they cannot think well. And if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.

Read more

Overheard on Twitter

Things I Learned this Week

On Writing:

Writing is a way to think, not just express them.

Online writing is the easiest way to share your ideas, build an audience and have strong connections.

Writing makes you read more.

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