#2 / On Writings and Learnings, Awkward Suits, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

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Samyak Ramteke

Writing and Learnings

“The joy of writing comes from being free. It is the curiosity to understand something, the attachment to that subject, the peace of sharing the passion, all of those wonderful things that are buried deep inside.” Read more

Derek Sivers

Smart people don’t think others are stupid

“Being smart means thinking things through. It means trying to find the real answer, not the easiest answer.” Read more

Sam Altman

Advice for ambitious 19 year olds

“Build stuff and be around smart people.  “Stuff” can be a lot of different things—open source projects outside of class, a startup, a new sales process at a company you work at” Read more

Blake Robbins

Tweets, Awkward Suits, and Hustle

“There are too many people that have taken early bets on me, for me to have too large of an ego to speak with you. Please…if you are ever interested in chatting more about venture, startups, etc.” Read More

Crash Course Philosophy

Artificial Intelligence & Personhood

Hank explores artificial intelligence, including weak AI and strong AI, and the various ways that thinkers have tried to define strong AI including the Turing Test, and John Searle’s response to the Turing Test, the Chinese Room. Hank also tries to figure out one of the more personally daunting questions yet: is his brother John a robot? Watch

Derek Sivers

The advantage of no funding

“Never forget that absolutely everything you do is for your customers. Make every decision — even decisions about whether to expand the business, raise money, or promote someone — according to what’s best for your customers.” Read more

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